horcynus productions

Horcynus Productions is an Italian independent film production company.
Founded in June 2018 makes of young age and determination its driving force.
Horcynus Productions is also a music publisher, associated to SIAE, and has produced and represented “Lelè the-mafioso.com” a musical comedy characterized by its original scores.

music publisher
Lelè the-mafioso.com

In the year 2050 the honest ones are having the better hand and, in order to avoid the irremediable victory of good over evil, Satan orders Mafia’s Boss Don Vito to leave hell, where don Vito is perfectly comfortable, to return to our days’ Sicily, and to re-establish the old Cosa Nostra.

Lelè, Don Vito’s gay son, has revolutionized the mafia during his father’s absence, and changed it into an honest enterprise.
Lelè is now a person of success, and uses the brand “Mafia” and the website the-mafioso.com to sell fashion and Sicilian products worldwide. And he pays taxes.
Don Vito tries his best to bring back the old Cosa Nostra’s traditional procedures and, with the help of Satan…

tempo rubato

Alice, the daughter of a young English biologist and of a music teacher, is a prodigy pianist born in Sicily. She was conceived soon after an accident occurred to her father in his laboratory.

Our protagonist ages very quickly: she’s four, looks twenty, cannot go to school, and has to learn reading and writing at home from her aunt, an English literature teacher.

Alice performs in the most important Italian theatres and succeeds in stopping the fast running of her time by playing music: in the following six years she does not age at all.

One day after a concert at the Greek Theatre in Taormina she meets and falls madly in love with William, a young English journalist.
That big love and her daughter’s birth will condition the remaining part of her life.